Keith Jack Celtic Inspired Jewellery


Keith Jack Heron Necklace
Keith Jack Heron Necklace

The Keith Jack brand takes influences from both Scottish and Irish deep history with its unique jewellery. Keith Jack personally designs many of the unique collections along with the wedding rings and other jewellery under the brand. At Jonathan’s in Grande Prairie, we hold exclusivity with Keith’s products.

The Celtic influence is clearly evident in the choice of gold, silver, and precious gems used in many of the rings especially. Plus also pendants and other attractive pieces. Each item is intricate, eye-catching and bound to be a talking point when worn at discrete gatherings. There are many factors when choosing the perfect piece for your significant other or loved ones.

Precious metals and unusual gems are combined with exquisite craftsmanship to produce stunning jewellery. This is at once modern but also it clearly draws its influence from the owner’s Scottish heritage.

Jonathan’s in Grande Prairie holds many pieces from Keith’s collections, wedding rings, and jewellery specifically for men or women. We can also order an item from their product catalogue in a suitable size.

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